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Practical preparations for suicide

Read about the practical preparations for suicide in the publications of Boudewijn Chabot M.D., the initiator of Dignified Dying. He assisted the self-chosen death of a woman without a physical illness and has dedicated his professional life to research regarding self-chosen dignified dying since then. He wrote various books and publications about a humane death, including the practical preparations for suicide.

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dignified dying book by boudewijn chabot md phd

Find out more regarding the practical preparations for suicide

The practical and emotional preparations for suicide have been described in the books written by Boudewijn Chabot M.D., such as ‘Dignified dying; Death at your bidding’ or ‘Taking Control of your Death by Stopping Eating and Drinking’. The preparations that need to be taken for a humane death vary per method and per person, as there is no consensus regarding the best way to die with your dignity intact. Find out more about the various methods and the preparations that need to be taken by reading the publications of Boudewijn Chabot M.D.

Learn more about the implications

Death, even when it is self-chosen, dignified and well-prepared, has serious implications for your relatives and friends. We offer multiple films in which eyewitnesses of various methods of taking your own life describe their experience. Watch these films and learn more about the implications and the importance of practical preparations for suicide.