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The do-it-yourself suicide book

The do-it-yourself suicide book written by Boudewijn Chabot M.D. offers information about humane ways to take your own life. A humane death is a dream for most people, but old age and illness could interfere and make life unbearable. You might want to take matters into your own hands to prevent or end unbearable suffering. The do-it-yourself suicide book provides humane ways to do so and helps you and you relatives and friends prepare by stimulating a conversation.

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dignified dying book by boudewijn chabot md phd

Various humane ways to take your own life within the do-it-yourself suicide book

Dignified Dying is a foundation initiated by Boudewijn Chabot M.D., that makes detailed information about a humane form of euthanasia easily accessible within publications, such as the do-it-yourself suicide book. The book contains a detailed description of various methods to commit suicide without pain, such as:

Find out how your suicide affects others

The do-it-yourself suicide book stimulates a conversation between you and your relatives and friends to ensure they are aware of your wishes and that they experience peace of mind. However, it might be useful to know how others experience a self-chosen death. Order the films in our online shop and see how others experienced the humane death of a loved one.