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Dignified dying with opiates

Dignified dying with opiates could be a solution when you are suffering unbearably because of old age or illness. People that want a self-chosen and dignified death can take control of their suffering by demanding a self-directed death. These people could commit suicide by overdosing with opiates, but dignified dying is also possible. Find out more about Dignified Dying by reading the books written by Boudewijn Chabot M.D.

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Dignified dying with various opiates

The books written by Boudewijn Chabot M.D. clarify various methods of dignified dying, including taking your own life with opiates and other chemical substances, such as:

The various methods of dignified dying each have their own preparations that need to be taken, to ensure your friends and relatives experience peace of mind regarding your death. Communication is the key in achieving peace of mind, as everyone around you should be aware of your wishes regarding your own death.

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Would you like to know more about dignified dying with opiates? Boudewijn Chabot M.D. wrote various publications and books regarding this subject. Take a look at the books in our online shop and find out more about the various methods of self-chosen and dignified death.