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A book about self-chosen death

Are you interested in a book about a self-chosen death? Dignified Dying is a foundation initiated by Boudewijn Chabot M.D. that aims to make reliable information regarding a humane suicide easily accessible for anyone that might want it. Boudewijn Chabot M.D. is a psychiatrist-psychotherapist and researcher of ways to realize a dignified self-chosen death. Elderly or extremely ill people might be looking for a way to end their unbearable suffering. A humane way to do so in combination with clear communication with relatives, friends and doctors may provide peace of mind for anyone involved. Purchase our dignified death book online and find out more.

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dignified dying book by boudewijn chabot md phd

The contents of our book about self-chosen death

Our book enables you to have a dignified death because of a clear description of various methods that enable you to take your own life in a humane manner. Examples of these methods are:

The description of these methods is only a part of our book about self-chosen death. The book also stimulates communication with everyone involved, a key part of a dignified death. Communication enables you to share your well-considered wish to die and allows you to take control of the process.

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Would you like to order our book about self-chosen death to be able to realize a dignified death? Buy it now in our online store and find out how to commit suicide peacefully. The book will allow you to have a humane death that ends or prevents your suffering.