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The antidepressants suicide method

Antidepressants could serve as a suicide method for anyone that want a dignified death, instead of unbearable suffering. Most people that are very old or extremely ill want a self-chosen death if the quality of life recedes. Dignified Dying is an initiative by Boudewijn Chabot M.D., it is a foundation that provides information regarding various methods of humane suicide, including antidepressants as a suicide method.

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The use of antidepressants as a suicide method

The book ‘Dignified dying; Death at your bidding’, written by Boudewijn Chabot M.D., serves as a guide for anyone that wants to take control of their own death. The book contains information about the preparation for a suicide, along with the detailed description of methods for euthanasia with dignity. An example of the described method is suicide with antidepressants, but the book also offers about suicide with other pills, such as opiates or barbiturates. The book aims to provide reliable and accessible information about a self-chosen dignified death and communication with relatives and friends.

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