Boudewijn Chabot

Dignified dying is a dream for most human beings. Illnesses and fate take turns to transform dying into misery. The way out is to accept that sooner or later you will vanish from this world and prepare oneself for dying in dignity.

This website provides access to the books, films and professional publications of Boudewijn Chabot M.D. Over the past twenty years he has devoted his life to research methods for a self-chosen and humane death for very old or very ill persons. It is only with some help from relatives, friends or professionals that this can be attained within the boundaries set by the law. Further information about the background and career of Boudewijn Chabot can be found on the page information.

You can find information about several methods to arrange a dignified death, surrounded by family or friends, and you can purchase information materials on this site. You can find the most important publications of Boudewijn Chabot M.D. under the section “books” and “publications”. The latest book, Dignified dying; Death at your bidding (2015) is a very practical guide. You can find more information about the book here.

Trailers of several films on the subject under the section “Films”. The latest film – Eyewitnesses; personal narratives of self-chosen and humane death is available as a streaming video and as a download.


About Boudewijn Chabot

Boudewijn Chabot (May 26, 1941) is a Dutch psychiatrist-psychotherapist and researcher of peaceful options how to end one’s life.

Long before the Dutch euthanasia law of 2002, he assisted in the self-chosen death of a woman who had no physical illness. The Dutch Supreme Court passed judgement in 1994: “guilty without punishment”. Since then Chabot has devoted his professional life and research to non-doctor assisted dying that is self-chosen and dignified.

Thanks to Chabot’s Guide to Dignified Dying any layperson can take control of such an intimate process as his own death. It provides detailed information on the medication method and the use of inert gas for a self-chosen an dignified death. Chabot has published another book, Taking Control of your Death by Stopping Eating and Drinking that discusses in detail how to make stopping eating and drinking a humane exit for very ill or very old persons. This book is based on his nationwide research that has been published in Social Science and Medicine.  More information and PDFs of Chabot’s publications, are to be found here [link naar books & publications].

Chabot has also produced a film on the helium method and another film in which eyewitnesses of a self-hosen and humane death relate their experiences. More information and trailers of Chabot’s films, are to be found here